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Credit Suisse - Learning Facts

Statistics do not always have to be tables and numbers in black and white. With lively analogies presented in clear infographics and a short teaser video, Credit Suisse AG and the HQ Group brought to life success stories from Human Resources in the Swiss bank. This offered the bank employees a modern overview of the Human Resource’s range of services.

The Objective

For most people, 680,000 is just a big number, and they can’t really grasp it without some sense of scale or comparison. Knowing that this number – the amount of e-learning courses Credit Suisse AG has offered – could fill Wembley Stadium 7.5 times over makes it a little easier for people to understand the scale.

Whether it’s Wembley Stadium, Harvard University or the tallest building in the world, these comparisons of facts certainly get stuck in people’s minds. That said, good analogies still require great packaging. Credit Suisse found their own PowerPoint presentations to be inadequate, so they decided on a contemporary, yet cost-efficient and uncomplicated presentation with video and infographics. In this way, they were able to both educate their employees about various HR offerings and motivate them to continued success.

The Solution

The HQ Group’s task here was to present the accomplishments and success visually and coherently in two different formats. Together with Credit Suisse, HQ first developed an infographic based on the PowerPoint presentations provided by the client. The HQ Group then converted the infographics and their unconventional layout into a short animated promotional video, without the added expense of a screenplay or scenario. Because of their shared text, graphic elements and illustrations, the infographic and the video fit together seamlessly. As an added benefit, the numbers in the internal video tell their own story, while the infographic provides the relevant overview. As far as Credit Suisse is concerned, there is no comparing this to the classic, run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation.

Key Features

  • Promotional video (teaser)
  • Internal marketing (HR marketing)
  • Communications
  • Infographics development
  • Motion picture production
„It’s an excellent way to present the achievements of one’s team in a very lively manner. A totally excellent and innovative realization of hard facts.“

Peter Fox, Head of Online Academy, Credit Suisse